Monday, 8 September 2008

The obligatory first boring intro post


Having looked back over my personal blog I notice that I only have 5 posts about what I consider "work", i.e. WebSphere Application Server, Java coding or IBM. That is out of a total of 72 posts over two years (my personal blog is 2 years old on Friday).

I was originally planning on posting the WebSphere related posts to the WebSphere Community Blog, but unfortunately that has not been possible for over a year now.

So I'm just going to run a trial. The trial will be to separate the "work" related posts, which are few and far between, from my personal posts where I rant about stuff. I hope that by doing this I will post more about WebSphere than I did when it was one post (I am aiming for a post a month).

So lets see how it goes (massive immediate readership).


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