Tuesday 15 March 2011

Bio from a colleague

I hate writing bios. I pretty much avoid doing it at all costs. So one of my colleagues decided to help out by providing me out for the UK WebSphere User Group meeting for March.

Alasdair was sent to us from the future to encourage OSGi adoption & prevent the threat we know as Maven, that in 2025 would become SkyNet, a build system of such complexity that it became self aware, and realised that the main cause of build breaks were us, humans. In the last few years however, he has replaced his primary directive with one to bake cookies for mankind, in the hope that by supplying cookies, the threat can be averted without requiring the termination of Mankind. Alasdair holds many qualifications, including a Ma(Baker) in cookie making, and a 100m swimming certificate from junior school.

Somehow I think I'll pass.

1 comment:

David Bosschaert said...

I want to hire you, Alasdair!